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Size32.23 MB
OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesInteractive pets at your fingertips!


☆★☆Cute! Fun! Social!☆★☆

Do you love animals but can’t adopt your own?

Do you want a friendly companion by your side?

Or do you just love adorable animals?

Then Hellopet’s for you! Using screen overlay technology, you can have cats, dogs and more cute animals running around your home screen. Or visit My Room to create a fun home for your pets!
Unlock new pets, items, and rooms by collecting or buying cookies! Collect hearts by clearing the I'm Hungry! Mini game! Share your creations in Pet Chat, visit friends’ rooms and leave messages in their Guestbook. Your pet will keep you updated on missed texts, the time, your battery level and much more!

- When you download Hellopet, choose your first cat or dog for free
- Now you can adopt pets by participating in our newly added Daily Check-in and Pet Chance Event
- Also you can adopt pets by using cookies, purchasing cookies in the Cookie Store, etc.

- Share funny moments with your pets
- Ask questions about Hellopet to friends
- Pet Chat Gallery mode lets you see the best Pet Chat snaps
- Find new friends
- Share fan art pictures, links, and your favourite Pet Chat posts

♥The Mini Game - I'm Hungry!♥
- The I’m Hungry! Game is a challenging puzzle where users feed pets by clearing a level
- Score points for matching 4 or more of the same snack
- Clear levels and receive hearts
- A Wild pet appears on players’ home screen if they clear 5 levels

- Decorate My Room with a variety of items that your pets can interact with (wallpaper, flooring, furniture, pet supplies, and more with each update!)
- Feed and use to toys to play with pets
- Take a picture, save, and share your decorated My Room

- Hearts appear above your pets’ heads as you play, feed, and tap your pet
- Get hearts when you decorate My Room, interactive with pets

- Take pets out from My Room, and they freely run, talk, and play on your screen
- Interact with pets by using Voice Commands and tap ‘!’ speech bubbles when they appear
- Pets’ responses change with your daily mobile habits
- Pets give up to date weather, time, and battery alerts

- Send ‘Hello’ messages to Hellopet friends and your pet will briefly visit their home screen
- Send a pet’s picture with a short message to friends without Hellopet through almost any messenger.

**Join the Hellopet community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for events & more**
*TW: @hellopet_global
*Insta: @hellopet_global

♥Hellopet Permissions Information♥
Below are the permissions which are necessary in order to operate the Hellopet app.
Users can use Hellopet without enabling optional permissions.

•Storage(Required): Download update files, saved images, My Room screenshots, and save Pet Chat photos
•Microphone(Optional): Enables voice commands for your pets
•Contacts(Optional): Enables voice commands to make calls and write SMS messages
•Device ID(Optional): Enables app to recognize ads opened from offerwalls and give rewards

♥Managing permissions♥
Android versions 6.0 and later: Settings> Application Manager> Hellopet> App Permissions> Allow access
Android versions prior to 6.0: Will be required to update to version 6.0 to access the permissions menu
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Hellopet - Cute cats, dogs and other unique pets APK - v3.4.9

Updated: 2020-02-20

What's new

Fixed a bug that caused app crashes in Cookie Store and Pet Spin
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80,854 Total
5★ 54,631
4★ 10,380
3★ 6,009
2★ 2,732
1 ★ 7,102
3.4.9 (136)2020-02-20
3.4.8 (135)2020-01-16
3.4.7 (134)2020-01-09
3.4.6 (133)2019-12-23
3.4.5 (132)2019-12-03
3.4.1 (130)2019-11-11
3.4.0 (129)2019-10-27
3.3.20 (128)2019-09-29
3.3.18 (126)2019-08-22
3.3.17 (125)2019-08-07
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Hellopet - Cute cats, dogs and other unique pets

Interactive pets at your fingertips!

Hellopet - Cute cats, dogs and other unique pets

Interactive pets at your fingertips!

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