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Author's NotesEvil Ice Cream Man Is A Horror Neighbor Adventure Game!


Are you ready for brand new hello ice scream clown escape game? Than you are on the right place this is horror neighbor escape theme game with horror ice cream seller man. In this horror adventure ice-cream seller of the rod truck ice cream game 3d has come to the neighborhood. This ice cream truck seller man has shifted in to a horror house where he is doing creepy actions in the neighborhood. The horror ice scream seller, your best friend using some sort of superpower in this horror adventure game & has taken him in the neighbor house. What if there are more children like him, the horror ice Scream seller clown is kidnaping your best friend in a van and take him in the house. You have to enter in this creepy hello ice scream clown neighbor house and find the kidnaped people.

This creepy clown game or horror game and scary game is terrifying ice-cream seller's in this Ice-cream scary neighbor game name bob who seems very friendly but a cruel person. He has an evil plan of his mind to kidnapping the people in neighborhood and you need to find out where is it. This is very interesting adventure game and horror creepy game and horror ice scream game town. All you know he takes them into the ice cream van, kidnapped and go to his neighbor, but you don't know where they go after that and how can find your best friend in this best horror game.

So everything is clear now and your mission is to find the people in his house and find some important equipment for redeem your friend and solving the mystery of this evil villain of this Ice-cream scary neighbor game. You will travel through different scenarios get missions & solve necessary puzzles of this hello ice cream seller man and bad ice cream ghost game 3d. Remember the clown ice cream seller man is clever he watched you easily so you hide from him & he will catch you then mission will failed and your friend will loss.

• Solve All Puzzle To Save The Kidnapped People In Neighborhood
• High Quality Graphics
• Creepy And Horror Sound Effects
• Enjoy A Brand New Horror Game
• Real Time Neighborhood Adventure
• Biggest Horror House With Secrets
• Creepy Evil Horror Game

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Hello Ice Scream Clown : Scary Neighbor Game APK - v1

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