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Author's NotesThe Hebrew Scriptures available for reading offline on your phone


We are glad to release a new app containing the Hebrew Bible or Tanakh (from Latin “Thanach”), the canonical list of Jewish texts. Get it here!

Enjoy now the book written in Hebrew and sacred for Hebrew people. Download the best app for people who want to read the Holy Word in Hebrew.

The Hebrew Bible works in online and offline mode. Once the app is installed, you can use it without Internet connection.

Download it now!

Features of the Hebrew Bible App:

- A clean and fast interface to find books, chapters and verses easily
- Offline Tanakh version: (No Internet connection required)
- Free audio of the entire Tanakh: allows you to listen to each verse or the whole chapter
- Look for keyword to find something
- Bookmark and highlight verses
- Add verses to your favorites
- Change font size (8 steps to find the most appropriate)
- Copy, paste and share verses
- Easy access to all the books and chapters from any part of the application
- When you open the app, it will remember where you stopped reading
- Share verse on social media and messaging apps.

The Hebrew Bible follows the Jewish Biblical canon and the books are:

1 -The Torah or Teaching or Pentateuch: Bereshit-Genesis, Shermot-Exodus, VaYikra-Leviticus, BaMidbar-Numbers, Devarim-Deuteronomy.

2 - Neviim or Prophets: Yehoshua-Joshua, Shoftim-Judges, Ruth, Shmuel A-1 Samuel, Shmuel B-2 Samuel, Melachim A-1 Kings, Melachim B-2 Kings, Yisheyah-Isaiah, Yermiyah-Jeremiah, Yechezchial-Ezekiel, Hoshea, Hosea, Yoel - Joel, Amos-Amos, Ovadiyah-Obadiah, Yonah - Jonah, Michah - Micah, Nachum - Nahum, Chabakuk - Habakkuk, Tzefaniyah - Zephaniah, Chaggi - Haggai, Zechariyah - Zechariah, Malachi – Malachi.

3 - Ketuvim or Writings: Divrei Yamim A - 1 Chronicles, Divrei Yamim B - 2 Chronicles, Tehilim-Psalms, Eyov-Job, Mishlei-Proverbs, Ruth - Ruth, Shir HaShirim - Song of Songs, Kohelet- Ecclesiastes, Eichah - Lamentations, Esther - Esther, Daniyel - Daniel, Ezra - Ezra, Nechemiyah - Nehemiah.
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Hebrew Bible APK - v4.0

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