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Author's NotesIs your heart health really good? Measure your heart rate now!


You can use your smartphone as a medical examination device. Yes, that is possible. With our heart rate measurement app, your phone becomes a useful medical device.
How to use the free heart rate monitor app to measure your heart rate? Heart rate monitor uses the device's built-in camera to calculate your heart rate - the same method used by professional medical devices!
To use this heart rate counter, simply place your finger on the phone's camera and hold it still, the heart rate will be displayed after a few seconds. Covering part of the flash may help the heart rate counter become more accurate.
Measure your heartbeat with a health monitor & circuit app when you wake up or after a workout. Smart heart rate app shows you your heart rate fast (or slow) at any time, no need for additional heart rate monitor or other health monitoring devices. Your smartphone will do the job and tell you your heart rate right away. Unbelievable tracking application, right? Let's try it!
Measure your heart rate: It's never been easier to know what your heart rate is! Without any external hardware, just use the integrated camera / sensor of your smartphone or tablet, you can get accurate results almost instantly.
Know how fast your heart is beating: It can be very helpful while exercising, if you are stressed, if you have a medical condition related to the heart, or even just out of curiosity.
Store personal heart rate history: Heartbeat measurement is designed to keep your personal history. We design a calendar every month, you can know the status of the heart health overview in any time period.
Heart rate reminder: You can set the time to remind the heart rate reminder in the options section of the application. This helps you not to forget the routine of daily health checks.
Multilingual support: Our heart rate measurement application is supported in many popular languages. Allows you to easily personalize the application.

♡ Place and hold your finger (forefinger) lightly on the rear camera lens and flashlight. Then press start to measure your heart rate.
♡ Do not press too hard when you measure your heart rate, otherwise blood circulation will be altered and the result in your pulse application may be affected.
♡ When using a smartphone or tablet without a LED flashlight, be sure to perform pulse rate measurement in a well-lit area (daylight works best)
♡ Keep calm and try not to move too much during the pulse rate measurement process, as this may reduce the accuracy of the heart rate monitor.
♡ Do not measure with cold fingers when blood circulation is poor, you should monitor your heart rate when your fingers are warm

This is NOT a medical product.
You should know your heart rate is very important to your health, you need to have your care by a health professional. Measurements and statistics in the application are only intended to reference information to support personal health.
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Heart Rate Monitor – Simple Heartbeat Tracking APK - v3.3

Updated: 2019-10-26

What's new

+ Measure your heart rate
+ Know how fast your heart is beating
+ Store personal heart rate history
+ Heart rate reminder
+ Multi language support
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