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Author's NotesAt last an app for a successful and easy practice of Heart Coherence 365!


Heart Coherence 365 is the name of a daily practice: 3 times a day, 6 breaths per minute, for 5 minutes. This app helps you to practice steadily:
* immediate control thanks to a very simple interface - just press the "play" button
* it's easy to practice in all circumstance thanks to the vibrator, the sounds, the animations on the screen and the notifications; it even keeps working with the lock screen (except the animations that are not visible in this case)
* even in noisy surroundings, doing something else on the smartphone or watching TV
* automatic reminders help you practice steadily
* your motivation and your assiduity are boosted by the history screen that shows your previous practices
* you can practice alone or with others; some preferring to watch the animations on the screen, others preferring to close their eyes and to listen to the sounds
And it works!

Following are the benefits of Heart Coherence 365 (Source: Dr David O’Hare in "Heart coherence 365: A guide to long lasting heart coherence"):
* Management of stress and anxiety and their consequences
* Better sleep
* Reduction in cravings, loss of emotional pounds
* Distancing from negative emotions
* Reduction in cardiovascular risk
* Improvement in concentration and learning
* Improved decision-making

The app works in portrait and landscape display modes, on smartphones and on tablets.
Night mode and app color selection.
No ads, no internet, no registration required, small app size (Android Go compliant).
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What's new

1.32 (October 17th, 2019)
* New - New possible shape for the animation: a bubble
* Fix - Better management of reminder refresh
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