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Author's NotesHealthNav - find the right care for your symptoms


HealthNav Helps You Find the Right Care in the Right Place.

HealthNav is a free app that lets you enter your symptoms and recommends the best place to go for treatment. And we’ll even show you how to get there. HealthNav offers you these great features:
Symptom Checker: Identify ailments and associated symptoms to see the recommended level of care you need
BayCare ER and Urgent Care locations: Find your nearest BayCare emergency room or Urgent Care center and get driving directions
BayCareAnywhere: Video chat with a doctor from a smart phone, tablet or computer
BayCare Physician Directory: A listing of BayCare-affiliated doctors that can be filtered by location, gender and specialty
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HealthNav APK - v3.10

Updated: 2021-01-18

What's new

* Physician/Doctor profiles now display their Education history and Biography to learn more about the doctor that’s best for you.

* Continued maintenance and bug fixes
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3.10 (46)2021-01-18
3.9 (45)2020-08-25
3.8 (44)2020-07-30
3.7.1 (39)2020-04-08
3.7 (37)2020-03-19
3.5.1 (35)2019-12-13
3.3 (26)2019-06-19
3.2 (24)2019-04-06
3.0 (21)2018-11-18
2.4 (20)2018-07-31
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