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Author's NotesGet paid for sharing your thoughts


Hatch rewards you with e-gifts just for sharing your thoughts and feelings about companies you use, to make your life (and the lives of others) better! Through a variety of activities (like surveys, product tests, in-store mystery shops) that you can complete on your own time, you can earn more than many other survey sites. We appreciate you and your feedback and we show that to you by paying you!

- Most activities pay an average of between $5 and $10, although some have gone as high as $200. Your time = more money.
- We pay you money, not points. You will receive e-gift codes to use for anything you want. Use each e-gift alone, or rack them up and spend them on something big! There is no minimum to “cash out”.
- Most activities take up to 5 minutes to complete. We know your time is valuable, so we will make sure to keep it as short as possible.
- Complete short surveys answering a few questions, upload photos and videos, take us on store shopping trips, and buy a product and give us a review. These are all activities that you can do in Hatch!
- There are new activities every day!
- Hatch is used by the world’s leading brands.
- No gimmicks! No ads! You complete activities and you get paid.

What are people saying about Hatch?

“This app is awesome. You actually get paid for the surveys you qualify for. Plus there is no other sponsors you have to sign up for or all that other stuff like silver and gold levels. Just basic to the point surveys about the topic they are doing.”

“This is the most reliable source for paid surveys I have found as of yet. It’s simple. Easily qualify. And the only downside is waiting for your payments to come in. It takes a couple weeks. But it’s big payments. 5$ 7$ 10$ 4$ 3$ 8$. I love it. I’d recommend everyone to use it.”

“I’ve been using Hatch for maybe a year now. This is the real deal. You have to put a little more effort into surveys since most of these are open-ended questions, but you can’t argue with the payouts! It does take a couple weeks to get your payout, but it’s a legit app and totally worth it.”

“Never thought I will get rewarded for answering a few simple questions. Their surveys do not take long, actually less than 5 minutes. Completely in love with this app.”

Signing up is easy and safe. You must be 16 to download and you only need to provide your location and some other general demographic information. Your personal identifiable information will never be shared with anyone.
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Hatch by C Space APK - v2.6.8

Updated: 2021-01-09

What's new

- fix awards crash
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2.6.8 (303)2021-01-09
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2.6.1 (287)2020-10-14
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