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Author's NotesLearn English and practice speaking with your favorite teachers, for free!


Hallo is a social live streaming app for English learning. At the click of a button, you start a conversation with a speaking partner in real-time via video chat and watch live English lessons from native speakers 24/7.

Why join Hallo?

• LIVESTREAM: Learning from native speakers is as important as practicing English with others. How awesome is it to watch live videos from them everyday?

• REAL-TIME CONVERSATION: Click on a button and find a speaking partner at your level in seconds. Now you can practice speaking English whenever you want.

• SOCIAL INTERACTION: Share what you are learning through photos, videos, and voice messages. Learn new cultures and make friends from all around the world.

• GROUP LEARNING: Studying English through textbooks is boring and not effective. Learning with others is more fun, engaging, and effective.

• FREE: Send and receive messages/calls to improve your speaking skills with other learners for free. Hallo uses your Internet connection rather than your cellular plan.

• IELTS/TOEFL: Find English learners studying for the IETLS or TOEFL exam and practice together to prepare for the speaking part.

English learners spend most of their time in their textbooks and not speaking, but the most effective way to become fluent is by actually speaking, practicing, and immersing yourself in the culture every single day.

The Hallo app provides you with opportunities to learn from native speakers and speak English with practice partners whenever you want. It's simple, but extremely powerful. You can choose whom you want to speak with and block/report anyone whose behavior is not appropriate.

Hallo brings the fun back to language learning and makes it the social experience as it was designed to be. Now you can speak like a native speaker. Why don't you join the Hallo community and make your dreams come true with Hallo!

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Hallo is only available for users age 13 or over.
Terms of Service:
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Hallo: Speak English with natives - 24/7! 🤓 APK - v2.18.1

Updated: 2020-11-20

What's new

- Phone number and email login
- See who read your messages
- Improved voice messages
- File attachments and pinned comments for livestreams
- Bug fixes and design improvements
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2.18.1 (640)2020-11-20
2.18.1 (636)2020-11-17
2.17.3 (621)2020-11-03
2.17.1 (600)2020-10-14
2.16.4 (598)2020-10-02
2.16.2 (596)2020-09-28
2.15.3 (581)2020-08-19
2.15.1 (573)2020-07-16
2.15.0 (572)2020-07-03
2.15.0 (570)2020-07-01
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