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Author's Notes🍩Scan Halal Food - Search HARAM additives in your products (e codes HALAL) 👳


📱 This app is one of the best apps 👍 👍 to help Muslims identify food additives (Check E-number & E-codes) if they are Halal, Haram or Mushbooh 👳 (that is unknown).

Use the image scan halal food , the app to quickly verify halal (in seconds) those products that you should avoid (📷 point the camera correctly to the product ingredients part), and also in offline mode (📡 offline). Is it incredible do not you think? 😲
In addition, you can know if this additive is allowed by the most recognized authorities in the world of food such as the European Union 🇪🇺, American 🇺🇸 and Australia 🇦🇺.


▶️ 🔍 Flexible search engine: You can search by E-code or E-number of additive and also by the name of the additive.

▶️ 👁️‍🗨️ Product scanner: Look for the ingredients part of the product and in a few seconds the E-code or E-number scan halal food will find what types of additives are in the product.

▶️ 🔥 Scan halal food from image: Use the image scan to verify halal if the product ( food ) is Haram or Mushbooh status. The algorithm identifies all the E-codes, E-numbers or names of additives and will show them to you.

▶️ 🕹️ Assessment of each additive or scanned product: You can value us in every additive that you consider right or wrong, this not only helps us but also all the Muslims of the world. And you can also evaluate the result of the scan and it will be analyzed by our team. Your opinion matters to us, because without fulfilling our objective to help all the Muslims of the world.

▶️ ☠️ Level of toxicity: Check for each additive if it is toxic or healthy for your health. In each additive you can know what level of toxicity it has.While looking at the toxicity too scan halal food.

▶️ 🚫 Indication of authorizations by food additives associations: For each additive you can know if an additive is allowed in Europe, the United States or Australia.

▶️ 📋 Save your history: of all the scans made of the additives of your products (in the part of ingredient) will be saved to be able to consult it again or share it with your loved ones. This way in a click you will be able to communicate this information that the products that are verify Halal, Haram or Mushbooh and to be avoided in case of not being halal status.

🏺 Our goal is to help Muslims not to worry about whether a product contains any Haram additive. Sometimes in supermarket products food additives can be marked by different name or E-code (for example, E120 which is Haram since it comes from an insect). For a Muslim it is difficult to know all these names of memory. With this application you will not have to worry anymore, it identifies almost all the names of existing additives , shows them in a very simple way and verify halal product .🏺

What is Zabihah?
Animals such as cows, sheep, goats, deer, moose, chickens, ducks, game birds, etc., are also Halal, but they must be Zabihah (slaughtered according to Islamic Rites) in order to be suitable for consumption.
Some additives are not halal since they come from animals that are not Zabihah, for this reason they are haram for the Muslim who consumes it.
To ensure that a product containing animal remains is Zabihah, it must be ensured that it is sealed by a reliable Muslim organization.
This application will not tell you if a product is Zabihah or not, but what it will tell you is if the additive contains animal remains and you are deciding if it is in a Muslim country or you will not know if it is halal or mushbooh. Sometimes in the product it is indicated that it is Zabihah or not.

For any suggestion or problem with the application, you can always contact us at:


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🥙Scan Halal food: Additive haram &e-Number Muslim APK - v9.6

Updated: 2021-01-05

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✔ Fixed product scan errors. 🧐
✔Correct camera focus error.
✔ new style
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