Rating3.3 ★ / 5
Size9.28 MB
OS RequireAndroid 4.2.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesTurn your phone to a hair clipper prank, hair trimmer, hair buzzer and have fun


Hair Clipper Prank: Scissors, Hair Dryer, Razor is the most realistic hair cutter simulation app that you can prank all your friends! Use it end enjoy like a haircutter clipper, hair buzzer, hair trimmer.

You can play a prank on all your friends and family. Scare them by pretending to shave their hair off! The app is only for entertainment purposes.

Hair Clipper Prank: Scissors, Hair Dryer, Razor will be a very fun tool: Hair Clipper, Hair Trimmer, Shaver - your phone vibrates repeatedly and buzzy sounds, the viewer wants you to have the possibility to make a real hair clipper, the camera will be loaded.

✸ Vibration
✸ Background is shown as open camera
✸ 6 different hair cutter sounds
✸ 5 different scissors sounds
✸ 9 different hairdryer sounds
✸ Change machine you want( hair clipper, blow dryer, scissors) with one click
✸ Real hairdressing sounds
✸ Real 3D Hi-Fi Surround Sound Effects; Hair Dryer Sounds

Make a joke with your friends and manage them Download Hair Clipper Prank: Scissors, Hair Dryer, Razor and enjoy the trial, it will be great fun!

Now you can cut your friends hair without cutting your friends hair. Isn't it awesome. Simply touch the pair of scissors and the sound effect will start playing.

Offering a real razor sound and vibration, this app turns your device into a real razor. You can operate the machine by tapping anywhere on the screen. Now is the time to surprise your friends!

There are so many prank apps but this is one of the apps for jokes, perfect for entertainment and make some fun things by simulating hair trimmer, clippers, shaver.

Sounds and vibration feels like you're getting a haircut to use it smartly to scare your friends. You can prank anybody that your mobile is a hair clipper machine. This will be as a hair cutter clipper, hair buzzer, hair trimmer app.

Hair Clipper Prank: Scissors, Hair Dryer, Razor is one of the most realistic jokes apps, perfect for enjoyment and making things fun by definitely simulating hair trimmer, clippers, shaver, razors. Your phone will continually vibrate emitting sound and it feels like you're holding a natural hair clipper.

Everything that you need to do is to tap anywhere on the screen and your phone will be able to vibrate and to play a sound that is realistic as doing a real electric razor. Like a hair cutter clipper, hair buzzer, hair trimmer.

1- This app does not help you to cut someone's hair. It just makes the same sound and vibration what razor machines do. Please consider this before you review the application.
2- This app is just for entertainment purposes. This is just a simulation application that is a prank on the phone.
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Hair Clipper Prank: Scissors, Hair Dryer, Razor APK - v2.1.2

Updated: 2020-08-07


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