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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesMine & Forge management game in a fantasy worldIdle Clicker Simulator game !


I found a magical treasure box that turns stone into coins.
I got my mine, all good to go to collect massive chunks of stone
And now I'm finally ready to make some serious money !
What am I waiting for? time to get serious and start digging !
Not to mention the shiny gemstones that I might encounter.

# Dig mines, pile up cash and become the richest guy in the world !
Mine rocks and put them into the treasure chest to turn it into money.
Rocks from deeper points are worth more cash.

# Build your crew with all kinds of miners !
Hire miners with resources or card draws to work for you.

# Farm many kinds of ores !
As you dig deeper, you can get different kinds of ores.
The more deeper you get, the rarer ores you can acquire.

# Run your own forge !
With the ores you mined, become a smith and forge items that can help you along your mining journey.
Sell a variety of minerals to your customers and produce and sell items.

# Special skills with minigames !
Have fun with a 2-button minigame included with the Drop skill.

# Break Super Rock hidden in mines and acquire items.
Enjoy a mini game with super rocks by using punch and avoidance.

Soil-digging idle grinding miner maker clicker simulator game !
FREE and FUN !
Play Super Minor : Grow Miner now.
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Super Miner : Grow Miner APK - v1.3.15

Updated: 2020-10-06

What's new

Bug fixed.
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1.3.15 (100)2020-10-06
1.3.14 (99)2020-06-28
1.3.11 (96)2020-03-01
1.3.10 (95)2020-01-21
1.3.9 (94)2019-12-21
1.3.8 (93)2019-11-30
1.3.6 (92)2019-09-18 (91)2019-08-24
1.3.3 (90)2019-06-28
1.2.0 (85)2018-11-27
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