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Author's NotesLife-changing journal system


Have you ever tried to start a diary but had no idea what to write?
Have you ever made up your mind to keep a diary but got disrupted by some trivial matters?
Did you find it difficult to benefit from the scattered entries?

## Keeping a diary is not supposed to be that hard.
Grid Diary introduced the simplest, the most powerful and the most effective way to keep a diary. From record to reflection, from reviewing life to knowing yourself, from planning goals to achieving a dream, Grid Diary is dedicated to maximizing the effectiveness of a diary.

## A Unique and Flexible Way of Journaling
With the help of Grid Diary's powerful grid templates and reflective prompts, you no longer need to worry about how to start. Grid Diary will help you focus on the aspects of life you want to track.

## Never Define You, Just Expect to be Defined by You
Grid Diary is not only a diary tool but also a mood tracker, self-growth journal, goal planner... More importantly, you can create a diary that best suits your individual needs through customizing your Grid Diary.
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Grid Diary - Journal, Planner APK - v1.8

Updated: 2021-01-05

What's new

- Added journal cover gallery
- Fix the issue that content may be lost after picking photos
- Improved tablet support
- Other bug fixes and stability improvements
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1.8 (63)2021-01-05
1.8 (62)2021-01-03
1.7.13 (61)2020-12-01
1.7.12 (60)2020-11-30
1.7.11 (58)2020-11-27
1.7.10 (57)2020-11-25
1.7.9 (56)2020-11-15
1.7.8 (55)2020-11-12
1.7.7 (54)2020-10-26
1.7.6 (53)2020-10-16
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