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GoToAssist Corporate for Android is an app that allows subscribers with GoToAssist Corporate accounts to provide troubleshooting support to Android device users. Upon customer consent, after installing the app, a representatives can chat with the customer, collect device information. Full device remote control is supported for Samsung and LG devices and device screen sharing is provided for all Android devices running Android OS 5.x and above.

If your support representative emails you a session URL, you will be directed to the Google Play store to download this app. If your support representative gives you a 9-digit code, you will first need to download and install this app on your device.

How to Get Started
1. Download the GoToAssist Corporate for Android app from Google Play and install it on your Android device.
2. If you received a URL issued by your support representative, the app will start. Enter your name and tap Join Session.
3. If you received a 9 digit phone code from your support representative, start the app, enter the 9 digit code
4. On Samsung devices, accept the Enterprise License Management to enable screen sharing
5. Once connected, you can use chat to communicate with the support representative. With your consent, the representative will have full remote control of your Samsung device or view capability on other Android devices with Android OS 5.x or above. At any time during the session, you can pause remote control/view by tapping the pause button located at the top right of the app control bar.

• Real time chat capability
• With customer consent, a representative can remotely control the customer's device in real time for Samsung and LG devices (a separate add on will be downloaded automatically for LG)
• With customer consent, a representative can remotely view the customer's device in real time for other Android devices version 5.x and above
• With customer consent, a representative can collect device information including: system details, installed apps, running services, and telephony information.
• Full integration with the GoToAssist Corporate framework including full reporting and session recording.

System Requirements
• Representative: A session code generated by GoToAssist Corporate HelpAlert. For detailed information about GoToAssist Corporate, please visit the GoToAssist Corporate website .
• Android OS 4.x or newer
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GoToAssist Corporate APK - v1.0.205

Updated: 2020-03-04

What's new

Minor bugfixes
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1.0.205 (21205)2020-03-04
1.0.204 (21204)2019-12-04
1.0.203 (18203)2017-07-21
1.0.202 (18202)2017-06-19