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OS RequireAndroid 7.x - Nougat
Author's NotesCompanion app for GO:PIANO with Alexa Built-in set up


Use this app to set up your GO:PIANO with Alexa Built-in.
GO:PIANO with Alexa Built-In introduces a smart new approach to playing and learning the piano, making the experience easier and more engaging than ever before. This fun portable instrument can be played anywhere around your home, and sounds amazing thanks to Roland’s acclaimed piano sound engine. Better still, you can operate nearly every onboard control using just your voice!
When playing GO:PIANO with Alexa Built-In, you never have to interrupt the musical flow with fussy button presses or complicated menus. Want to turn on the metronome or choose a different sound? Just ask Alexa! It’s even possible to record your performances and upload them to free cloud storage for playback later. And when you want to play along with your favorite songs, just ask Alexa to queue them up from Amazon Music.

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GO:PIANO Alexa Setup APK - v1.0.2

Updated: 2020-01-10

What's new

Fix small issues.
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1.0.2 (55)2020-01-10
1.0.0 (48)2019-12-16