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Author's NotesThis is an unique barcode scanner app with an easy to use swipe rating mechanism. The main goal of it...


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This is an unique barcode scanner app with an easy to use swipe rating mechanism.
The main goal of it is to help you to find products you will like and avoid the ones which would turn you down.

By scanning a barcode you have the possibility to rate it as good or bad. The simple rating mechanism is important because we do not have always time to write and read long reviews especially if the products are in a lower price range.

If a product is new for you, the app can predict that probably how much you will like it. Thus, you can buy more often good products and save money by avoiding the bad ones. To understand it little bit better here are two examples:

Example 1: You have bought something which you tried and liked very much. Thus, you can scan the barcode and rate it as good by a right swipe. By this, at next time shopping you have an easy way to find out which item was the perfect one even if you do not remember the packaging clearly.

Example 2: You are in a shop and want to find out to buy or not a product. By scanning the barcode, the app will try to make a prediction how good or bad the item can be for you. It uses an unique algorithm which considers your taste based on your previous ratings and on other users' ratings. Unlike other apps which can only show the average of the ratings of a product. The more people use it the best the predictions get.

To get an accurate prediction you have to use the app for a while and do some ratings. Thus, at the beginning you will not see any predictions, the number in the middle will be 0. Later you will see more often a different number between -5 and +5, from bad to good. The more people use the app the best the predictions get.

Moreover, the app reads QR code beside barcode as well and you can look up and rate the scanned text, too.

★STRICTLY AD FREE★★ because the mission of the app is to make purchasing less biased by ads. Small donations are welcome.

Privacy Policy
Only the very important information are saved on a server to make possible the predictions. All data on servers handled securely and only used it to make your life easier. There is no aim to get as much as information about users which can be sold to third parties.
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Good? - Barcode Scanner APK - v1.7.0

Updated: 2016-03-20

What's new

- Nexus 5x camera fix
- other small fixes

- from now you can delete scanned items from the list
- many new languages are supported
- small fixes

- Flash light turns on automatically in low light conditions

- scans are automatically synchronized with server after reinstall
- menu accessible from the action bar


- improved scan history option (items can be stared, renamed, fast look up icon added)
- fixed layout and network issues
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