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Author's NotesThe dark prophecy has awaken the Golden Dragons & Gods who would open the gates to hell, releasing ancient spyros...




The dark prophecy has awaken the Golden Dragons & Gods who would open the gates to hell, releasing ancient spyros monsters, skylander warrior, and fantasy like creatures.\n

Golden Dragon Slot Machines is a video slot inspired by the demon of chaos character who has that god-like powers, baleful breath, and blazing red eyes. It is not an adventure game where you need\nto prepare for an adventure quest to save a princess or triple your fortune via treasure hunting. Nope, it is not what you think. You do not even need to train your dragon as well. As the name\nimplies, it's an easy to play slot machine game, developed for dragon or demon fans. Why? It has this chaotic theme that will haunt or scare the living daylights out of you while playing or\ngambling.


Set in an adventure island, you are the best warrior chosen to fight the monsters ( the most intimidating looking bosses in the game) and the golden dragons and save the souls of your community\nfrom destruction. All you've got is a shining armor, couple of health & divinity potions, and balls to fight these epic monsters.


The Golden Dragon Slot Machines is based on the classic slot machines game and features HD graphics, cool soundtrack, and a realistic gaming experience. This gambling game is not for the faint of\nheart. Yeah, you can bet any amount of money here but for higher payouts or if you want to get the stash of jewels, you need to bet higher. It features wild symbol, scatter, free spins, bonus games,\nand randomly triggered jackpots.


From Chaos to Eternity, everything depends on your decision. To end the saga, you need to learn and master the magic spell, \"rage of hell\". This spell can quake the earth that you can use to\nneutralize the monsters, stop the bloodshed, and eventually end the war. Only the master wizard can teach you the rage of hell spell. So try your luck, place your bets, and never give up until you\nreached the dogma's mountain where you can find him.


Your destiny is clear as the water. May the angelic spirit guide you on your quest to combine the energies of the cosmic light to become pure divinity.


Golden Dragon Slots Machines from the slots series is the best dragon slots in gaming. This game is made to reshape much of the world's surface in the traditional slots, and that is one hell of an\nachievement. The world we knew since the classic slots on our mobile devices will never come back, and you have this game to blame for it.


Key Features


Free Bonuses Daily
\nHundreds of Potions to Collect
\nEngrossing animations & effects
\nUser-friendly Interface
\nLots of Frustrating / Challenging levels
\nMonstrous Foes to unlock
\nRandomly Triggered Jackpots
\nOptimized for play on your mobile devices


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