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Author's NotesBecome the Godfather of your Own Golden City


Golden City is a new simulation RPG game which stirs your heart. You can experience the life of urban tycoon here. Every feature of Golden City deserves your attention. You can immerse yourselves in the romantic city life, recruiting heroes, dating with lovers, running business and enjoying other life scenes!

Game Features:
◆Hero System
Recruit heroes to help you become the urban tycoon
◆Lover System
Beautiful and gorgeous lovers are waiting to date with you
◆Tour System
Hang out in city to get rewards and meet lovers
◆Gang Alliance System
Make more friends in alliance and fight against competitors
◆Affiliated Gangs System
Get affiliated gangs and co-op with other players
◆Party System
Create or join the party to get rewards and become the party celebrity
◆Fashion Show System
Create or join the fashion show to make your lovers more charming
◆Limited Event System
Have fun and get great rewards in Road Rush, Weapon Master, Global Smuggling and other limited events

Hurry up and download the game to become an urban tycoon and take control of the city.

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Golden City APK - v1.1.83.12832

Updated: 2020-09-21

What's new

1.Perform improved.
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