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Author's NotesA girls becomes a tailor and her boutique shop get famous in fashion world


A girl open a "boutique shop" after finishing high school. It require so much hard work and devotion to reach top in the fashion world. Play boutique games for girls to learn to establish the chain of clothing store. Make sure all of your customers leave your shopping mall happy and satisfied! Fashion boutiques and tailor shops have modern cash registers for customer satisfaction. Build the fashion empire for free in this girls boutique game. Any customer should not leave you beauty boutique without buying desinger clothes. This tailor boutique has new outfits to impress every girl. Play the clothe in the way, so custerms can feel comfortable while buying stylish outfits. Encounter fashion boutique games and own a tailor shop. Get a chance to show off you tailoring and stichting clothe skills. Show off your fashion sense by creating fancy and trendy clothes and become a word know fashion desinger. You must thanks to our Fashion Tailor Boutique for Girls.

Girls Fashion Tailor Boutique hightlights:
Choose the customer, select the most suitable dress fabric, cut the fabric at the right spots, stitch fabric with the sewing machine, do the decoration using buttons, your dress is ready. After customer choose the dress, go to cash register and chage the tagged price from customers. Serve the customer as fast as possible and give a kind smile as a part of your uniform.

Tailor Accessries:
Thread, Zipper, Rope, Lace, Button, Scissors, Sewing Machine Needle, Office Pin, Pearl Head Pin, Crochet Hook, Packing Needle, Punch, Safety Pin, Seam Ripper, Tag Gun, Tailor's Chalk, Tracing Wheel, Glue Gun, Measuring Tape, Needle, Tweezer and Knitting Needle.

- Do the measurement of cothes for your clients
- Choose fabric and cut it to proper size at tailor shop
- Decorate clothes with accessories and buttons
- Showcase elegant and outstanding collection of outfit’s styles
- Tailor shop management for girls
- Use sewing kits with the experience knitting loom and rotary cutter
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Updated: 2020-11-21

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