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Author's NotesGigSpot brings you thousands of opportunities that pay you cash to shop and eat.


What is GigSpot?

GigSpot connects you with mystery shopping and market research companies. GigSpot is the place where these companies compete for your service, offering you tens of thousands of job opportunities. You decide which jobs you want, where, and when.

Get Paid to Shop and Eat? Really?

Yes, each listed job is a paying opportunity. Payment is handled by the mystery shopping or market research company posting the job. GigSpot lists the information you need to take or apply for the opportunity, including:

* Compensation and Reimbursement
* Start and End Date
* Distance

Already a Mystery Shopper? You should sign up with GigSpot!

* One simple signup gives you access to thousands of mystery shopping jobs from dozens of mystery shopping provider companies
* Manage one profile across all companies
* Easily get more jobs than ever
* Receive push notifications for new jobs - fewer emails!
* Complete certifications directly on your mobile device
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GigSpot APK - v1.1.14

Updated: 2020-10-13

What's new

• Attachment Type requirements are now supported. This allows specific types of attachments to be required for questions (e.g. image only, audio only, etc.)
• Fixed an issue where links in the Survey Summary may not open properly
• When a survey sync conflict was detected, the date/time shown for the conflict version would be shown in the server’s timezone, not the device’s. This has been fixed.
• Updated app target API level.
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