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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesCorrigoPro makes you your customer's service go-to


A powerful new app that connects business owners with commercial service providers through the Corrigo Network, CorrigoPro is the only app you need to:

- Connect with your customers via their smartphone
- Receive requests for service from your customers and respond immediately by tapping the app and adding some text - CorrigoPro does the rest
- Provide real-time status updates to your customers
- Grow your business. Be seen by thousands of local customers searching for your services
- Promote your business directly to customers via their smartphone
- Control all of your company's communications, get everything in one place

Your customers no longer experience phone tag, waiting on hold, dropped calls, no call backs, endless searches on the web or that old paper directory. CorrigoPro puts an end to all of the frustrating, time consuming, and annoying activities of placing a service request the old way and replaces them with a simple app connected directly to you and your customer. With CorrigoPro, everything you need to receive, monitor, and complete a service request is in the palm of your hand and in the hand of your customer.
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CorrigoPro APK - v5.4.15

Updated: 2020-12-25

What's new

- Introducing “Save Media to Gallery” setting. When enabled all media files, which you receive or send using the application, will be saved to Gallery.
- Added a confirmation popup for check-in/out/pause when it’s unable to get reliable geo coordinates
- Bug fixes and performance improvements
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5.4.15 (504015)2020-12-25
5.4.11 (504011)2020-09-04
5.4.10 (504010)2020-08-31
5.3.14 (503014)2020-06-13
5.2.19 (502019)2020-04-19
5.2.17 (502017)2020-04-01
5.2.8 (502008)2020-03-06
5.1.25 (501025)2019-12-11
5.1.20 (501020)2019-10-25
5.0.9 (500009)2019-06-06
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