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Instant loan application within 10 minutes, KREDITPAY is instant loan application platform where you can easily apply and process your loan application. you can apply easily within 10 minutes for loan up to 5 lakh rupees anytime From Any Location, also you can track your application online from the app on real time.

KREDITPAY Features:-

1. Apply Loan Up to Rs 5 Lac.
2. Instant money transfers to bank account after process every point of verification from Lender.
3. No bank statement or salary slips requirements. Just upload Basic Details and Pan +Adhar+ Photo.
4. 100% paperless process, With Go Green Concept.
5. Minimal documentation. No printouts required, just Verify your Account and Process.
6. Flexible loan and EMI Support during Lock-down as per RBI Guidelines.
7. Instant eligibility check.
8. No security deposit (collateral)

KREDITPAY Loan Apply Eligibility:-

1. Indian citizen
2. Age above 21 years +
3. Can Apply From any Location of India.
4. Should be working or Business Profile with Good Cibil Score Only.

Documents requirement

1. PAN number
2. Aadhaar number
3. Photo.
4. Account Details.

Maximum Annual Percentage Returns (APR):-

1. Apply Loan At KREDITPAY Between (Up To Rs 5 Lakh).
2. Low interest rates Annualized rates, up to 45% and as low as 11.99% Reducing (Depends On Bank to Bank)
3. Tenure: You can choose by yourself, from 91 days to 3 Years (Banks Can Increase Tenure As per your Request).
4. Processing Fees 1.5% To 8% (Apply As per BANK - BANK Policy)
5. 24x 7 Loans Apply at By our App.

Note: - KREDITPAY Is not Any Bank/Nbfc,
KREDITPAY working as associate/partner with some banks+Nbfc,
KREDITPAY working Like Mediator. KREDITPAY can (Its Depend on KREDITPAY) approach to bank or nbfc for your loan with your provided details but KREDITPAY Is not responsible for any kind of loan and Application Fees.

Calculation Example for Your Better Understanding:-

Suppose you get an offer from any bank for 1 Lakh Rupees for 1 Year on the Rate of 18 % annually with processing Fee of 2%.
If the loan amount is ₹ 100000 and the interest rate is 18% per annul with the tenure of 365 days (1 Year) + 2 % Processing Fee Apply from the Bank,

The interest payable is as follow:

Bank Will Issue ₹ 100000 and deduct 2% PF, Then you will Get ₹ 100000- ₹ 2000 = ₹ 98000/-
But Interest = ₹ 100000 * 18% / 365 * 365 = ₹ 18000.
You must pay ₹ 100000 + ₹ 18000= ₹ 118000 Total

Working States:-

All India Location.
Anyone Can Apply Now.

Office Location:-

New Delhi-59.
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Get UpTo-05 Lac (All Profiles Accepted Here) APK - v1.0.6

Updated: 2020-09-19

What's new


1. Online Application Track System add.
2. Application Form Easy Process System.
3. Aggrement Accept Conditions For Generate.
4. All Loans Products Add.
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1.0.6 (7)2020-09-19
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