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OS RequireAndroid 6.x - Marshmallow
Author's NotesConquer the galaxy with your spaceship on a rts battle in a new sci-fi space.


Welcome to Galaxy Reavers 2, a sci-fi rts mobile game with battle on a spaceship in space, conquer the galaxy with them.

1. Sci-fi RTS Strategic Battle
Command your spaceship and shoot your missiles or control your fleet to avoid incoming missiles. Intensive strategic battle in space.

2. 3D Camera Control
You can drag, rotate, and zoom in/out to completely control the battle. Use it as a strategy to win your battle in the galaxy.

3. Customize your Spaceship
With dozens of spaceships and hundreds of devices, you can build your own fleet to conquer the galaxy and win the war.

4. Unlock a Commander
Use a commander to pilot your spaceship and increase your chance of victory. You can still command your fleet and use of strategy in this Sci-fi Galaxy space rts game.

5. Game Mode
Discover many planets on different galaxy and play different game mode. Fight on a 3D Sci-fi Galactic Space and shoot your enemies. Intensive RTS battle.

Build spaceship and equip them with powerful missiles devices to be ready for a war in several galaxy.
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Galaxy Reavers 2 - Space RTS Battle APK - v1.0.75

Updated: 2020-09-23

What's new

*Friends Invitation: You can invite your Facebook friends to play together and both win various rewards after completing the corresponding tasks.
*Some minor improvements and localization optimizations.
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1.0.75 (235)2020-09-23
1.0.73 (57)2020-07-03
1.0.72 (56)2020-06-10
1.0.71 (55)2020-06-08
1.0.7 (54)2020-06-04
1.0.6 (53)2020-05-22
1.0.5 (52)2020-04-22
1.0.1 (50)2020-04-15