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Author's NotesBecome the galaxy commander, build your stellar empire with strategy and choices


A space strategy RPG game where YOU play the role of an evil emperor of the galaxy!

Join the dark side, fight the space civilizations wars, make choices to dominate the universe, lead your spaceships to victory!
The universe is yours to conquer. A war of strategies and civilization is imminent.

Supreme leader, today we celebrate your self-proclamation as emperor of the galaxy, the old republic has fallen! Unfortunately, this news has raised rebellions everywhere in the galactic space to stop your global domination.

Conqueror, it will not be easy to implement your evil plan and conquest the galaxy, you will have to consider the risk of moving your armies against rebel civilizations rather than using a commercial domination.

Galactic Emperor focus on civilizations wars in the galaxy and is a free turn based strategy game with a combination of role-playing elements: political and president simulator decision games, civilizations wars and space RPG.

Conqueror, the age of emperors has began, are you ready to dominate the world and conquer the galaxy?
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Galactic Emperor: space strategy & RPG, Sci-Fi APK - v1.2.5

Updated: 2021-01-16

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bug fixing
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1.2.5 (13)2021-01-16
1.2.4 (12)2020-10-10
1.2.3 (11)2020-07-26
1.2.2 (10)2020-02-12
1.2.1 (9)2020-01-07
1.2.0 (8)2019-10-26
1.1.1 (6)2019-10-24
1.1.0 (5)2019-09-01
1.0.3 (4)2019-08-06