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Welcome to our funlab!

Funlab continues to develop applied and interesting games for you. The purpose of our app is "To Discover Yourself and To Discover Fun". The contents of Funlab hope to help users explore life, with open-ended questions that lead users to seek answers by themselves.

* Independently Develop: Do you want to get an exclusive comic image? Funlab is committed to developing interesting and thought-provoking functions, and continuously optimizing the results.
* Fun to guide: Provide scientific questions according to various scenes to give you inspiration or help you begin important interpersonal relationships. And continuously update various types of test questions.

[Comic Image]
Choose your unique style and then create a self portrait.

[Palmistry Decrypt]
Are you curious about the secret hidden in your palm?

[Quiz Game]
How to start a conversation with your partner? Asking right questions to begin a relationship is important. According to different themes and scenarios, we provide some questions that can promote relationships.

[Emontional Planet]
Positive emotions push us to overcome difficulties and reach goals. The emotional planet takes you to experience many different emotions.

Dear friends, your feedback is the driving force for us to move forward. We will regard it as a treasure. Please feel free to contact us by email.
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FunLab - Discover yourself, Discover fun APK - v1.1.2

Updated: 2020-11-24

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