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Author's NotesFrequency Generator, Frequency Sound Generator for Musician instruments


Frequency sound generator App is a very simple frequency generator which can provide frequencies in range from 1Hz to 22000Hz. it will allow you to generate tones range from 0Hz to Ultrasonic 22kHz frequency.

Frequency generator, Function Generator is a electronic test software used to generate different type of electrical waveform over a wide range of frequencies.For example, if a complete sine wave is completed 50 times per every second, then the frequency is 50 Hz.

To use Frequency Generator Click on start icon and swipe your finger from left to right or right to left to increase and decrease the sound frequencies or also user can use to click on positive (+) or Negative (-) sign to increase and decrease the frequencies. The User interface is very simply and user friendly.

Tone Generator, Frequency generator is the electrical frequency measured in Hertz (Hz) which describe the number of times that the current alternator charges direction, each second.

Test your Hearing: The human can hear from 20Hz to 20000Hz, and you can use Frequency Generator to test your hearing.

Test Audio Devices: You can test your audio devices (e.g. speakers, headphones, home theater speakers) if they can play sounds at certain frequencies.

Test Filters and Amplifiers: Use frequnecy genrator app to test filters and amplifiers.If you have a 1000hZ bandpass filter, you can inject 1000hZ to the filter input, then measure the output to determine the loss. Then you can adjust the frequency of the generator to measure the filter’s ability to block frequencies away from it’s pass frequency.
• Test Speakers and Headphones
• Balance your Home Theater System
• Tune Your Car Audio System
• Mask Environmental Noise
• Burn In Headphones
• Tune Musical Instruments

Alert !!!
Generated tones Frequencies can be very annoying and irritating for your surroundings. Always use this application responsibly. Also, keep the audio volume low to avoid damaging your hearing or your audio devices.

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Frequency Generator,Frequency Sound Generator APK - v1.0.3

Updated: 2020-10-25

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Design improvements.
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1.0.3 (4)2020-10-25
1.0.1 (2)2019-10-25


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