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Free gps navigation system for truck drivers to navigate safely and Freely

The most simple and free gps for truckers (Truck Drivers) to navigate safely.

Gps Truck Navigation is specified gps app for truck drivers to provide reliable and easy truck routing. Truck drivers with heavy loads need safe way to travel and they should know the best roads to travel.

Free trucking app will navigate to best route with free gps navigation system.

Truck gps navigation system app will calculate the kilometers, fuels and save money.
The driver can choose a profile configuration based on length, height, width, weight, max. axle load, and whether he is carrying hazardous goods.

The maps are on-board, which means they are stores directly on the device At the same time both the live maps and the application can easily updated free of charge.

Free Truck Gps Navigation: Gps For Truckers APK - v16.0.0

: 2020-09-10

16.0.0 (31)2020-09-10
12.0.3 (24)2020-08-22
12.0.2 (17)2020-07-03
12.0.0 (12)2020-05-22
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