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Guide For Siren Head is a best guide for gamers who played horror games, that can play with your friends and family to enjoy in horror adventures games siren zombie head.

There are also cheats and secrets items to acquire while play Siren head simulator, as well as some nice achievements and trophies to unlock. All game guide are in high quality HD videos with nice graphics and clean user interface. Hopefully this guide will lead you towards your victory and complete all the mission in siren head roblox.

Game Guide Features:
Transformation: Siren Head appears to be a shapeshifter, being able to transform its head into actual sirens and street lamplights, with Trevor mentioning on his Tumblr that Siren Head was once possibly able to disguise itself as a piece of home furnishing or pipes in the walls to kidnap a family of four.

Disguise: One of Siren Head’s most unique traits is the ability to disguise itself as different pieces of urban detritus.

Mimicry: Siren Head has the ability to release sounds of news broadcasts, human conversations, sirens and screams.

Strength: It is believed that Siren Head is extremely powerful due to its size. Siren Head is able to break down trees or various heavy objects at will.

Speed: In one sighting of Siren Head, a couple reported that Siren Head can be incredibly agile.

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