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Author's NotesThis is the free demo version of the UL 299 Application. There is one video and one illustration for reference....




This is the free demo version of the UL 299 Application. There is one video and one illustration for reference.

The paid version of the app will help you prepare for UL299 certification by helping you understand the UL299 and UL711 dry chemical fire extinguisher construction, testing and certification requirements.
We developed the app because a large percentage of our customers found the first construction review and testing process challenging, which cost them a lot of time and money. The goal of the app is to help you prepare for the construction and performance testing requirements so you can obtain favorable results and achieve certification. The app takes you through the construction and testing requirements of the standard in a section-by-section fashion, using videos and graphics to help you understand what each section of the standard (and the related construction and testing requirements) entails.
The app is also customizable. You can fill out a survey within the app to provide the specifics about your fire extinguisher. The app will take that information and filter out anything you don’t need to know for the construction and testing of your fire extinguisher, so everything you learn will apply to your product.
The paid app is available for iOS operating systems only. A free version is available for iOS and Android, but it only includes 2 illustrations (to give you an idea of the quality of the app content) and 1 unedited video. With the free version, you can select your product features, but the app will not filter out content that isn’t related to your product.
It is available in both English and Chinese versions.
Please note: There are some products the app doesn’t cover. The instructions within the app only apply to hand-portable, stored-pressure, dry chemical fire extinguishers. Wheeled extinguishers, cartridge extinguishers and those that use other means for extinguishing fires are not discussed. Extinguisher pressure gauges and indicators and extinguisher labels are also not part of the app instructions.

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Free Guide To UL 299 & 711 APK - v1.0

Updated: 2016-03-04

1.0 (1)2016-03-04