Fractals is an app that allows you to explore the wonderful world of fractals.



Rating4.7 ★ / 5
OS Require4.0.3 and up
Author's NotesFractals is an app that allows you to explore the wonderful world of fractals.


It is so relaxing to explore the endless patterns created by simple mathematical formulae. Fractals allows you complete control over colouring the image you have discovered and when you have it just to your liking:
- Save it to your device as a PNG file and then use your favourite image editor app later to process the image further, print it or share it.
- Set your wallpaper (don't worry the current wallpaper image is saved so you can reverse the change).

It's that simple.

Other Features:
- Swap between the Mandelbrot and Julia sets , draw the burning ship or define your own custom fractal formula. Custom formulae support constants pi and e, +, -, *, /, and ^ and the functions abs, sin, cos, ln, exp, re, im and the standard fractal variables z and c.
- Define custom colour maps for Hue, Saturation and Value as a function of the number of iterations (x). Custom colour formulae allow the use of the mod (%) operator in addition to the functions supported by the custom fractal formula.
- Show the orbit for the current touch point.
- See the corresponding Julia Set for the given touch point on a Mandelbrot Set and switch to it via a double tap.
- Long press to show the coordinates for that point in Cartesian and polar form.
- Define a custom background colour as an R,G,B value. E.g. R=255,G=255,B=255 gives white.
- Define the magnitude value used for halting fractal iterations.
- If you get lost in your fractal exploring you can always reset the image via a menu option.
- The zoom factor and other settings such as the position of the centre of the screen are recorded in brief in the image file name and in full in the PNG "Description" tag so that you can always go back and recreate an image and tweak its colours or position.
- Fractal always remembers where you have got to when you close the app so you can always come back to it later.
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What's new

- Show orbits added.
- Show the Julia Set that corresponds to the given touch point on the Mandelbrot Set in a small window. Double tap to view that Julia Set (thanks to Ben for the suggestions).
- Long press to show coordinates in Cartesian and polar form.
- Prompt users for Android Marshmallow and later for the save to storage permission.
- Add more information to the help text.
- Fix equation parser bug for invalid uses of point symbol.
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