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Whether it's you that need to forgive or it's them that needs to forgive you, these forgiveness quotes contain many sorry images and messages cards suited for both occasions. Learn to forgive and be forgiven.

Forgiveness Quotes and Sorry Messages will be very useful for you especially with those that feel very sad because of hurting someone or have hurt feelings. Apologize sincerely and say sorry with these sorry and apology quotes, it will certainly help heal the receiver's feelings and yours as well.

These forgiveness quotes and sorry messages are appropriate I am sorry cards for every moment or mood.

Browse through which images will make you think, reflect, motivate, fall in love, laugh, cry, it is all about finding the one that best suits what you are looking for in each moment.

Having a partner is not easy and misunderstandings often happen. We make mistakes that we do not know how to solve and find ourselves drifting further apart from them. The best we can do is to apologise for our mistakes.

Saying I am sorry and forgive me my love does not mean you are weak, it means that you value your relationship with that person more than your ego. It is an act of true love and the desire to fix and better the current relationship. These quotes about forgiveness are perfect for that specific reason.

Application Key Features:

- 100% FREE application for all
- Every apology message is unique
- Feature beautiful words and warm colours
- Easily one of the best apps to download!
- Lightweight and very easy to navigate
- Beautiful I am sorry greeting card
- Choose forgive me my love messages and quotes with HD quality

Misunderstanding is easy, asking for forgiveness is difficult. With this app we want to help you see how beautiful forgiveness is because it is the only way we can change something painful into something beautiful.

Saying I am sorry and asking for forgiveness is one of the most difficult things to do in life. When you hurt someone heart it makes both of you suffer the same pain. The only thing that can make it better and mend your relationship with them is by asking for their forgiveness.

It takes real courage for someone to admit their faults and say sorry. To say, "Forgive me my love" to the person they love. You may use these Forgiveness Quotes and Sorry Messages to anyone you have wronged in your life, including your siblings, parents, husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend.

We aim to users who are at a loss for words with these meaningful quotes about forgiveness and help them get through a tough time.
When you are fighting we the people you love, saying sorry will make it better and ease the situation.

Download our Forgiveness Quotes and Sorry Messages app today and send beautiful forgiveness quotes contains many sorry images and messages cards to the person you really love and win back their heart. Choose your prick of sorry cards that can also be lessons in life quotes and share via all social media.

Feel free to leave some feedback if you liked our app and if it helped you with your relationship.

All the best!
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