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4.0 and up
Enjoy the view and sound of a beautiful waterfall.

The mighty waterfall flows into a mirror-clear lake located in the middle of wooded hills.
This application is ideal for meditation, or a minute pause in the work. Now you can contemplate a beautiful waterfall at any time, hear its noise, see the clouds floating slowly, and bright butterflies swirl above the green glades.
This application shows how beautiful the world around us!
The system automatically changes the day and night to help you enjoy this application at dawn, at noon, in the rays of sunset, and at any time of day, as the lighting will change during the day

- The noise of the waterfall;
- 3D landscape;
- Animated waterfall;
- Animated butterflies;
- Animated sky and clouds;
- Glowing stars;
- Automatic background change during the day;
- Saving battery;
- High-quality textures;
- 3D parallax;
- Animated birds;
- Rainbow;
- Large balloons;
- Lush trees;
- 12 themes of the sky and lighting;
- Advanced settings;
- No ads;

* For the constant and stable performance of the parallax effect on Xiaomi devices (the problem of disabling the accelerometer only in some versions of the MIUI firmware), configure or disable the "battery saving mode".

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