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Author's NotesConnect your Flow personal air pollution sensor and dodge the smog!


!! -- You must have Flow, the personal air pollution sensor from Plume Labs, to use this app. For more information, please visit -- !!

!! -- Looking for our free air quality forecasting app? Search for ‘Plume Air Report’ on the App Store or visit -- !!

*Escape pollution and dodge the smog!*
The Flow companion app from Plume Labs collects and analyses the data taken from your Flow’s PM2.5, PM10, NO2 and VOC sensors and gives you beautiful, easy-to-read reports, maps, and graphs.

*Ever feel trapped by air pollution?*
Air quality, AQI index, smog levels: with Flow, you can find the best clean air commute, hunt down fresh air playgrounds, eliminate chemical hotspots in your home, and that’s just the beginning.

*Did you know?*
Wind and weather, humidity and heat, atmospheric pressure, and many other factors create clean air pockets in urban environments. In fact, air pollution levels change up to 8X from street to street in the city, and even more from room to room indoors! Flow gives you the information you need to stay healthy at home or on the go.

*Stop guessing and start sensing!*
A new study from top researchers at King’s College in London shows that, with good data, you can reduce your exposure to air pollution by as much as 50% by making small changes to your routine.

***Key Features***
Track your personal pollution exposure with live data and daily reports: Flow measures real-time concentrations of PM2.5, PM10, NO2 and VOCs, as well as the AQI air quality level to give you everything you need to understand your exposure and build healthy routines.

Avoid the most polluted places: Flow tracks air pollution variations around you in real time, so you can find clean air.

Flow fits seamlessly into your daily life: Whether you're cycling, running, out in the park with the kids, or relaxing at home.
***Flow in the press***
“I hope many people living in polluted cities will end up using Flow.” —Techcrunch

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First! You got in on the ground floor with version 1. If you love your Flow and app, let us know with a review!
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Flow - the personal air pollution sensor APK - v1.5.01

Updated: 2020-08-28

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Escape pollution hotspots! Starting today, you can get live alerts when your Flow detects dangerous pollution levels.
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