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Author's NotesTake pictures of plants and become part of the Flora Incognita research project.


You like to photograph plants, you have an eye for details or you are an experienced botanist? Then support our "Flora Incognita" team! With the Flora Capture App you can capture native wild plants from different angles - without damaging or even removing them from site. Optionally in the field or later at home, you can upload your observations and have them determined by our botanists.

Images of flowering wild plants from fixed angles serve to train the algorithms for image recognition that are used in our Flora Incognita App. In addition, these images allow us to test new image recognition techniques to enhance the automatic determination of species in our Flora Incognita App (also available for free download).
We are always looking for collaboration with experienced botanists who help us to fill our image database of plants that are difficult to identify.


- Unfortunately, we cannot consider all ornamental and garden plants for the time being.

Please also take a look at Flora Incognita, with which you can identify plant species in a matter of seconds!

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Flora Capture - your digital plant collection APK - v2.4.1

Updated: 2020-04-10

What's new

You can now export your complete observation list with species name and location. We have fixed some minor bugs and integrated additional languages. Welcome Finland and Portugal! Problems with some cameras have been fixed.
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