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version2.5.0 free
Size3.85 MB
OS RequireAndroid 4.2.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesCount anything you like; Floating over Android home screen or any app



-This is a convenient counter that can float anywhere on screen. you can count anything, visitors number, swimming times, matche scores, inventory items, smoking cigarettes, ...

-Use it even without unlocking your phone.

-You can display anywhere when playing game, watching video/news, chatting with friends...

-You can create as many difference counters as you like.

-supports decimal

-support negative number

-setting maximum, minimum limit and show message when it reaches.

-counter bar color setting

-Useful every counter operation record, including timestamp, increment/decrement action, result value etc.
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Floating Counter APK - v2.5.0 free

Updated: 2020-12-16

What's new

- new setting option: vibrate when counters change
- fixed issue: the float counter may disappear on some devices.
- fix minor bugs
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2.5.0 free (25)2020-12-16
2.4.0 free (24)2020-09-18
2.2.0 free (22)2020-06-23
2.1.0 free (21)2019-12-05
2.0.0 free (20)2019-12-02
1.9.0 free (19)2019-10-26
1.6.0 free (16)2019-03-01
1.5.0 free (15)2018-10-19
1.2.12 free (12)2018-04-07
1.2.10 free (10)2018-03-27
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