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Author's NotesExquisite multi-function flashlight APP, can illuminate, entertain and rescue


Exquisite multi-function flashlight APP, easy to operate, save power and memory! It is a multifunctional flashlight lighting tool designed for you by making full use of the flash and screen lights of your mobile phone.

The flashlight will turn on within a few seconds and is usually used for night road lighting and before going to bed. Night lights, party dance lights, emergency warning lights. The flashlight lighting tool with scientific and technical effects is still very powerful and can meet various lighting needs in life scenes: flashlight, alarm light, SOS, disco light, fault light and other lighting modes for your choice!

1. Flashlight: Use the mobile phone flash to light up, which is convenient for emergency use
2. Screen light: white or color screen light, give you the color you like
3. Induction light: intelligent identification light, automatically turn on or turn off the lighting
4. Flash: emergency signal light with three short, three long and three short flashing functions
5. Entertainment lighting: dance floor effect, disco effect, colorful light bulbs, etc. Feel the carnival party atmosphere created by concerts, discos and other occasions
To make you the focus of the crowd
6. The warning light flashes: it has the effect of alarm and warning light, used for self-defense emergency light
7. Battery protection: optimize the battery protection mechanism to make the battery more sustainable
Long, low power consumption

More useful functions waiting for you to download and use!
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Flashlight Pro 2020 APK - v1.1

Updated: 2020-09-21

What's new

Fixed some existing bugs, running more smoothly
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1.1 (11)2020-09-21