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OS RequireAndroid 6.x - Marshmallow
Author's NotesReliable flashlight torch app, compass, SOS signals and morse code.totally free


One touch easy-to-use, reliable and quick flashlight torch app, is a totally free application. that turns your smartphone into a super bright LED light source in one click. even if the screen is off, the brightest flash remains on.

This application is an indispensable tool in your daily life. With this application, you can carry a reliable and fast lighting flashlight with you.

The app uses flash lights from a smartphone camera to help you find what you need.

You can also use this application to send SOS signals and Morse codes

- Precise Compass
- LED Screen Light
- Lighting in Dark
- Rhythmic flash
- Morse Code
- Flash Light for SOS

Use this application to:
+Reading in the dark
+Walking in the dark
+Light your way
+When the power is cut off at night
+Use a flashlight in the dark
+At the party with the rhythm and flash
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Flashlight Free - LED Light,Compass&Morse APK - v2.4.7

Updated: 2020-11-18

2.4.7 (17)2020-11-18
2.4.6 (16)2020-10-28
2.4.5 (15)2020-10-19
2.4.3 (13)2020-09-14
2.4.2 (12)2020-08-14
2.4.1 (11)2020-07-23
2.4.0 (10)2020-04-30
2.3.9 (9)2020-04-15
2.3.8 (8)2020-02-29
2.3.7 (7)2020-01-21
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