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Author's NotesFlash alert for all notification for missed call and texts – blinking light app!


Never miss a call or a text again thanks to a Flash alerts : Call light application. Download this 🔦 "Flash Alert Call & Sms" 🔦 and solve your missed call problems easily because it has a flash notification for all apps. It is a ringing flashlight app with sms light and flash alarm with a LED "blinking light". Any phone that has a flashlight can have this "flash light alert" tool. It only takes a few steps to set up this "flash alert on call" program. If there are situations when you don't hear or you need to have your ringtone as silent, then this light blinking on call or "flash alert" will be so much helpful. There are many situations where "flash alerts" can save you from missing an important message, a call, or any other notification. So install this flash on call app for a quick solution to your problem.

🔦 Flash Alert Call & Sms features:

💡 flash alert when phone rings
💡 LED flashlight call and SMS
💡 flash alert for alarm clock
💡flash notification for android
💡 apps for hearing impaired
💡 flash light alert ring & text
💡 works in normal and silent mode
💡 choose a period of time when it will work

✨ Flash alert on call sms and notification!

This flash alert on call and sms will signal to you with a blinking light when phone rings or you receive a text message or a notification from any app from your phone. If your parents get angry when you don't answer your phone, then you need this Flash Alert Call & Sms app. If you install this flash alert for all notification your mom will never worry again because you will always see the blinking light on call thanks to this flash light alert on incoming calls. If you can't hear the sound, you will definitely see the light blink from this flash light alert app and pick up the phone. The flash light blink on incoming calls and messages will catch your attention when you are at a party and you can't hear your ringtone from the loud music.

🚨 Flash alerts for all apps!

If you are waiting for an important call or text, this flash alert all in one color flashlight app will make sure that you see that incoming call. You will always know that you need to answer your phone with this flash alert on call and sms and notification. And you don't have to modify your ringtone and do any additional settings besides turning on this Flash Alert Call & Sms app. This flash alerts call light program works both in normal and silent mode. You can mute your sound when this flash alerts on call and sms is turned on and this flashlight for calls and messages will signal to you to look at your phone.

🚦 Flashing light alert for all phone manifacturers!

This is a flashlight notification app for android, and it will work with both old and new mobile phones. So try out this ringing flashlight app with honor phone or flash alert for infinix. The high quality LED flash alerts light for android phone is easy to set up. Download this flash notification tool – the newest flash on call and sms addition for every smart phone!

👂 Hearing impaired apps – flash alert flash on call!

If you have a hearing problem and can't hear your ringtone, then this Flash Alert Call & Sms is something that can improve your life. The best hearing impaired ringtones are these flashing lights when phone rings because they will tell you to check your phone. You don't need noise to know that someone messaged you because this flash light alert on call and sms will notify you even when you are not looking at your phone screen. This flashlight on call will work as a hearing aid app. Improve your quality of life with this flash alerts on call sms and blinking light app. You will be able to answer back immediately if you install this smart flash alert app.
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Flash Alert Call & Sms APK - v1.4

Updated: 2019-10-26


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