The app that connects you to rescuers: if you need help, help them find you!



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Author's NotesThe app that connects you to rescuers: if you need help, help them find you!


FlagMii is a fast system allowing to call for rescue and promptly receive assistance.
With a simple action you can call 112, or the police, or the emergency number of the country where you are, and automatically transmit all data required in order to be located and reached. FlagMii is an essential application for your safety: in fact, not only it helps you get help in remote geographical areas, but it is also useful in case you are ill or injured and not lucid enough to searchhelp otherwise.

+ Direct link with rescue professionals’ devices.
+ Automatic call towards 112 and other emergency numbers.
+ Smart geolocation
+ Also works offline

••• Benefits •••

- FlagMii is a reliable application, developed in collaboration with emergency services.
- Interacts with rescuers’ software tools.
-Smartly detects your actual position, through GPS data and other info.
- Allows integration with the new 112 emergency number.
- Supports both italian and international emergency numbers.
- Allows real-time info/notice exchange with emergency services/facilities.

••• News •••
- Receive real-time relevant safety info info from specific services
- Choose which safety info you want to receive
- Improved privacy protection

••• Support •••
For further info or requests, please visit
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FlagMii APK - v3.1.3

Updated: 2020-07-23

What's new

- Updated links to Privacy Policy and Terms of use
- Changed Italian Deaf Emergency Number icon
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