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Author's NotesGet in shape fast with Fitter!


Fitter offers personalized at home workout programs for various goals – weight loss, muscle gain, getting fit, and more. Choose the perfect plan for you and join Fitter challenges to compete with other users!

Challenging workouts

Up for a challenge? Choose a workout and compete with thousands of Fitter users. The faster you complete the workout, the higher you’ll be on the leaderboard!

Personalized workout plans

Explore workout plans to find the perfect routine for your goal. Whether you want to lose weight, get fit, or build muscle – all you need is a 4-week plan of highly effective exercises.

Weight tracker

Track your weight loss progress and celebrate achievements!

Step tracker

Every step counts! Set daily walking goals and see how many calories you burned throughout the day.

Water tracker

Proper hydration is essential for weight loss, overall health, and energy levels. To form this incredibly beneficial habit, start setting goals and track your daily water intake.
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Fitter APK - v1.10.3

Updated: 2021-02-20

What's new

- Improved action sheet animations and performance
- Improved step tracker
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1.10.3 (1010003)2021-02-20
1.9.8 (1009008)2021-01-19
1.9.0 (1009000)2021-01-14
1.8.1 (1008001)2021-01-07
1.7.0 (1007000)2020-12-23
1.5.3 (1005003)2020-11-30
1.4.1 (1004001)2020-11-12
1.3.3 (1003003)2020-11-11
1.3.1 (1003001)2020-11-04
1.3.0 (1003000)2020-11-03
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