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Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Pull out epic pranks by bursting some crackers.

Get the crackers and pull out the most epic prank on people in this amazing FIREWORKS BOY SIMULATOR 2020. Go to shop and buy different bursting firewood crackers to prank the people of the city by creating shiniest explosions. You will run out of money in some levels so steal the fire crackers from the store and don’t stop your epic pranks on people. Complete exciting levels by roaming around in the city and bursting firewood explosions to make the sky shiniest at night and escapade with people who are sleeping in their homes. Bursting explosions at night is always beautiful scenery. The sky is shiniest when fireworks happen. Enjoy the most eye catching and shiniest skies in this game. You can also buy duck fireworks to give a unique look to your fireworks. Bursting these firewood crackers will surely bring out the childhood memories for you.
The controls in this game are super easy. Move around the city by using joystick on left side of your screen. You can also jump from upward arrow head button on right side of the screen. Walk to the store and stand in the circle to buy firewood for your pranks. Complete the objective by going to people’s house and doing some marvelous explosions.
Hope on to the most epic prank of fireworks in FIREWORKS BOY SIMULATOR 2020.


: 2020-10-21

1.6 (7)2020-10-21
1.2 (5)2020-10-08
0.3 (3)2020-07-09