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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesWhere? Find my phone clap: mobile gadget finder tool, track & locate without gps


Find my phone clap - mobile gadget finder tool: lost cell searcher for all the family - found by clapping. Gadget works, but lost on silent mode and there is no gps! How to find my phone location? Finder & locator by clapping! Clap – and it rings with bright light & vibration! Current gadget position lookup with lost cell clap searcher (silent and vibration mode finder). Nice for kids and elderly - useful tool for all the family without gps! Track your phone location with our app: easy gadget tracking & locating. Clap tracker & locator: locate your device without gps.

Find my phone clap - mobile gadget finder & tracker tool: clapping for bright light and vibration, which lost gadget finder rings even on silent mode. Lookup of cell current position with lost gadget searcher that works. Locating & tracking finder will detect my smartphone by clapping! Cell finder rings on silent and vibration mode to locate the phone. Helpful locator tool for all the family - no need to use gps to track the device location!

Find my phone clap - mobile gadget finder tool - app features:
~ Where to find my phone? Finder & tracker by clapping: it rings & vibrate
~ Cell searcher rings with vibration & bright light
~ Gadget lookup: locating in vibration & silent mode
~ Searching family tool for kids and adults
~ Find device & mobile free
~ Locate my device & track my phone with a clap
~ Tracking apps for cell phones without gps
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Find my phone clap - mobile gadget finder tool APK - v6.2.2

Updated: 2020-12-18

What's new

- Improved the application so that the clap response does not bother you when you use the phone
- Updated the tutorial
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6.2.2 (59)2020-12-18
6.1.16 (56)2020-11-21
6.1.14 (54)2020-10-15
6.1.15 (55)2020-10-18
6.1.12 (52)2020-08-22
6.1.13 (53)2020-10-01
6.1.6 (46)2020-05-22
6.1.11 (51)2020-06-25
6.1.10 (50)2020-06-14
6.1.9 (49)2020-06-11
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