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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesA perfect app to search for your phone when lost around.


Find my phone by whistle app – Whistle to find my phone. A Whistle phone finder app is phone tracker and phone finder. Track my phone by whistle. Whistle to track and find the lost phone around you. A perfect anti-theft app to find my lost phone. You don’t have to thing where to find my lost phone, just whistle and find my phone. Best whistle to find my phone 2019 app and will also be the best whistle to find my phone 2020 app. the whistle phone finder is an easy app to use and set to find lost phone. A lost phone tracker to track lost phone. Just whistle to track your lost phone. Lost your phone in your room or near around you? Don’t worry, we have the best solution for your lost phone that you will forget all other apps.Now just whistle to track my phone whenever. Search for your missing phone with track lost phone app has become so much easier. Don’t know where to find my lost phone no worries, just whistle to track my phone. An amazing app to find my phone by whistle that let you extend your hands on to whistle to look for my phone. No need to take any worry about where to find my phone just whistle & find my phone. It is as easy as you brush your teeth.
Let’s think of a situation when there is dark in the room and you can turn of the light of the room and you don’t have your cell phone either. But luckily you have the Find phone by Whistle app in your cell phone, all you have to do is whistle and your cell phone will blink the flash light and you can quickly jump towards it, not only once but you can whistle as much as you can and as fast as you want, it will ring, vibrate and blink the flashlight every time. Let’s have another situation, when you’ll lost your phone in your friend’s casual party and where the room will be crowded and you would’ve left whistle app open. Then you will only whistle and your cellphone will ring and your will rush to it and you will leave everyone in amaze that they will ask you how did you do that, then you can show off the find my phone by whistle app in your friend’s party and look cool. It’s fun isn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Just hit the download app and start your journey with find my phone by whistle app.
The Whistle to find my phone comes with valuable features. Highlighted features include:
You can set ringtone on whistle to track your phone. The best things about this feature is that it allows you to set your desired ringtone so that you can easily catch your phone attention even in the crowd.
Whistle app allows you to set your phone on vibration along with ringtone. Just in case if you don’t want to keep the ringtone and you want to find your cell phone in the darkness then you can track your phone around you with whistle.
One of the best feature of this is that it accesses your cellphone flashlight and along with ringtone and vibration it also blinks the flashlight. You can set the duration for flashlight or set it off too. This app is what you always needed.
How to use it:
Just download the whistle app right away.
Open the app, tap the Whistle Search to turn on the service to run in the background.
Allow all the permissions.
Go to the settings
Set the vibration and flashlight blinks level, also choose your desired ringtone.
Microphone – it will access your cellphone microphone to get the whistle alert.
Audio – it will access cellphone’s audio files to set the ringtone for whistle alert.
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Find My Phone by Whistle APK - v1.3

Updated: 2020-07-01

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