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Author's NotesSmart period & cycle tracker, menstrual ovulation calendar, pregnancy calculator


Get pregnant 3x faster or manage your fertility with Femometer fertility tracker.
Femometer is a smart period tracker and fertility and ovulation calendar that understands your unique cycle and is able to accurately predict your fertile window, pinpoint your ovulation.
Auto recognize LH and HCG test results. Daily advice for conception and ovulation prediction created by machine learning algorithms which learn from your data. All data can be exported into PDF files for professionals.
Prenatal tests, BBT, weight logging for mother-to-be and fundal height logging for unborn baby means we can accompany your every step.

Period Tracker, Ovulation Calendar & Fertility Calculator
- Log cycle symptoms, periods and learn about your unique cycle to manage your fertility
- Record BBT (basal body temperature), LH tests and CM (cervical mucus). Intelligently recognizes your LH & HCG (pregnancy) test results. See your fertile days easily and predict your ovulation accurately.
- Log BBT and weight of mother-to-be, spot abnormal symptoms quickly. Record prenatal tests, fetal movements and contractions to track baby’s daily health
- Export your data in PDF files and share with professionals.
- Log 200+ symptoms, from fertility to lifestyle and health. Professional female health tracker.

Fertility Calendar & Graphs & Curves
- Check your fertility calendar, easily identify your cycle phases and predictions. Manage your fertility like a pro.
- Auto-generated BBT curves and LH curves. Easily recognize the different phases of your cycle and spot subtle differences. Capture your peak results to conceive or predict next ovulation.
- Auto generate BBT Curve during pregnancy to effectively observe your pregnancy and to prevent potenial miscarriage
- Optimize curves with machine learning algorithms to complete missing data, making it easier to interpret.
- Compare your curve to curves in our database, easily detect pregnancy, luteal deficiency, PCOS, miscarriage etc.

Fertility Insights
- Current & Previous Cycle Interpretation: Analysis of BBT curves, LH, CM and ovulation symptoms. Predict ovulation and reveal conception rate to help manage fertility with precision.
- Conception Guidance & Prediction: Daily conception advice. Get pregnant 3x faster and spot pregnancy early
- Behavioral Scoring: Correct tracking behavior leads to accurate ovulation prediction, increasing the chances of pregnancy and increasing fertility management effectiveness.
- Statistics Analysis: Reveal the patterns of your cycle symptoms, compare and analyze data in multiple ways, gain better insights into your fertility

Health Tips, Fertility Courses & User Community
- Scientific and structured fertility courses & daily health tips from professionals to help you manage your fertility
- Partner app means you both know your fertile days. Get pregnant together!
- Community for TTC friends to share experiences and help others get pregnant

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Download the Femometer fertility tracker, track your cycle and symptoms, predict your ovulation accurately using machine learning algorithms. Improve your knowledge about conception, get tips, personalized daily cycle insights and follow easy conception guidance to help you get pregnant faster and make your fertility management more effective. Join us to start your fantastic fertility journey.

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Femometer - Fertility Tracker APK - v4.3.2(3663)

Updated: 2021-02-10

What's new

Bug of the old version is fixed and performance optimized.
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4.3.2(3663) (3663)2021-02-10
4.2.1(3641) (3641)2021-01-10
4.1.2(3623) (3623)2020-12-25
4.1.1(3622) (3622)2020-12-20
4.0.3(3604) (3604)2020-12-09
4.0.2(3603) (3603)2020-11-18
3.27.2(3582) (3582)2020-11-03
3.27.1(3581) (3581)2020-10-28
3.26.0(3560) (3560)2020-09-29
3.25.1(3542) (3542)2020-09-16
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