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OS RequireAndroid 4.4 - KitKat
Author's NotesFeit Electric, provides you smart lighting solutions


Control and manage your Feit Electric LED Smart WiFi Bulbs from anywhere with this helpful app. Easily turn lights on/off, dim, set groups, timers or schedules. Customize color or tune color temperature if feature is supported by the bulb.

Wifi Bulbs also work with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and can be controlled with simple voice commands.

Set up is simple. The bulbs connect directly to your Wi-Fi at home.

Purchase your Feit Electric Smart Wifi LED bulb, download the app to get started today.
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Feit Electric APK - v3.0.4

Updated: 2020-12-09

What's new

1. Supports new smart products: Camera, Doorbell, Sensor, Power Strip, String Lights and Strip Light.
2. Adds Google Assistant and Alexa App Flip.
3. Includes Bluetooth pairing, compatible with Apple Watch, multi-camera view, optimized Smart Scene and updated UI with new configuration.
4. Improved support for iOS 14.
5. Addressed various bugs and performance issues to improve overall experience.
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3.0.4 (32)2020-12-09
3.0.3 (31)2020-11-03
3.0.2 (30)2020-10-26
3.0.1 (29)2020-10-15
2.0.5 (26)2020-08-02
2.0.3 (24)2020-06-30
1.6.5 (17)2019-11-13
1.6.4 (16)2019-11-07
1.6.3 (15)2019-10-27
1.5.4 (12)2019-06-20
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