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Author's NotesFavoreats takes the pain out of deciding what's for dinner!


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Favoreats is a social recipe recommendation and sharing app that builds your shopping list for you! We will even build your meal plan for you if need.

Favoreats will show you which recipes your friends like and are using in their meal plans, which gives you a steady flow of ideas for your own plans.

By connecting with your trusted friends and foodies on Favoreats, you can see their favorite recipes as well as the recipes they are using in their meal plans so that you can be inspired with ideas for your own meal plans.

Easily import your favorite recipes from your Pinterest boards and trusted recipe websites so that they can be added to your meal plan and shopping list with a single tap. And any recipes you pin to Favoreats connected Pinterest boards going forward will automatically be added to your Favoreats collections.

Add any recipe on Favoreats to your shopping list and meal plan with a single tap—simple. You can also scale the servings of any recipe on Favoreats up and down to meet your needs.

Favoreats key features:

See your friends' meal plans as well as the recipes they are trying and recommending

1-tap add any recipe in Favoreats to your meal plan

Shopping list is automatically created for you

Pinned recipes are automatically added to your mapped Favoreats collections

Save recipes from your favorite recipe blogs and websites with a single tap

Explore friends' recipe collections and/or add your own

Feeling like you need some recipe inspiration? Want to know what your friends and neighbors are making for dinner or what new recipes they have tried and would recommend? Favoreats (your “favorite eats”) is the app that lets you browse those recipes! In addition to connecting with others about meal ideas, you can store your own recipes, curate collections from the internet, make a weekly meal plan, and then use the shopping list generated from your meal plan to pick up everything you need at the store.

Join Favoreats, the free app that will simplify and inspire your meal planning from now on!
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Favoreats APK - v1.0.12 (1)

Updated: 2020-10-20

What's new

We added an advertising free subscription option, fixed some bugs, and added the feature to see recommendation details from any recipe tile.
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