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OS RequireAndroid 4.4 - KitKat
Author's NotesCompete against all for the top spot, in this online multiplayer strategy game.


Farm Wars is like NO other strategy game available. It will test your strategic and lateral thinking to the limit as you compete against everyone else to outwit and outsmart the competition to reach the top spot. It will not be easy, but definitely worth the effort once you reach the top in this intense, real-time, online, multiplayer game. Definitely not for the faint of heart!

It's all about the one dynamic market which goes up and down depending on what all the other players are doing in the game. To survive the week-long battle, you will have to think a few steps ahead of the rest, and plan accordingly. The market has no mercy, and you will have to be able to adapt quickly, and always strategize your next move.

It will be a rollercoaster ride while you build your skills and fine-tune your strategy to get to the ultimate spot. But once achieved, you know that you are one of only a few who can call themselves a Farm Wars Game Winner.

Don't expect great graphics here, as this game is all about the strategies happening in the background. Behind the market people will collaborate, manipulate, fight and try anything to get themselves ahead of the rest, and put everyone else at a disadvantage.

Games last for only 1 week, starts Monday mornings, and ends Sunday evenings. It is like chess, the board gets reset after each game, and everyone starts equal again. But each game is totally different and requires different thinking which also makes this game very addictive, challenging and fun!

So are you ready for this challenge...? Come and try Farm Wars today!
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Farm Wars - The Ultimate Competitive Game APK - v1.6.7

Updated: 2020-10-20

What's new

Updated Trading..
Improved Boardroom chat.
Added Stickers.
Swipe away reward screens.
Various fixes.
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1.6.7 (144)2020-10-20
1.6.6 (140)2020-09-16
1.6.5 (139)2020-09-13
1.6.3 (131)2020-08-20
1.6.2 (128)2020-05-24
1.6.1 (126)2020-03-30
1.6.0 (125)2020-03-16
1.5.1 (118)2019-09-29
1.5.0 (104)2019-08-07
1.4.5 (100)2019-06-20
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