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OS RequireAndroid 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich
Author's NotesNow the stars are no longer reachable.The star is already your friend.


* Room
Be friend with Artist!
Room is a space filled with fans' voices, every room starts with OFF (turned off). When the fans' voice is accumulated, Fanluv will be able to bring the artist to the room and the light of the room on (lights up). From that point on, fans and artists spend their time communicating in their own room. Through the room, fans and artists will meet and become friends inside.

* House
Be friend with fans!
House is a fan community space. Room is a space where 'artist and fan' could be friends, House is a place where 'fans' could be friends each other. Through the house, the fans become friends with each other.

* I like more! Love battle among fans, Heart
There is a game element called 'Heart' in Fanluv. Heart is given fairly to the fans who work harder, and it prooves their love rankings for the artist. Depending on the number of heart donations, the color of your nickname will change and you will know your friendship when you become friends with an artist. Become the best friend than anybody else.
[TIP] Depending on your nickname color, the benefits will be given differently.

* Best Letter
The artists who become friends with fans will try to listen to every voice. But if millions of fans will try to communicate with the artist, it'll make your artist exhausted. At this point, 'Best Letter' can solve the problem. Best letter is a fan letter with the most numbers of sympathy in it. When the fans' sympathy accumulates, the artist's phone will be notified that a friend's voice has arrived. This allows the star to communicate with the fans most effectively.
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FanLuv - Fandom community APK - v2.0.7

Updated: 2019-12-24

What's new

- Remove SMS related features
- Fixed a problem with buttons that look strange on Android version 6.0+ devices
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