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Author's NotesThe part that got my interest is that you guys give money when my checks are short. I found that...




"The part that got my interest is that you guys give money when my checks are short. I found that to be really weird in a way, but I read about it and the difference is if I make a check that's over a certain amount, then you guys take it back. There's not another company that does that. It's really cool." —Denequia H.

Sick of stressing about your paycheck? Even makes sure you get the same steady amount of money every payday.

Never get another low paycheck

Even starts by calculating the average amount you make in a paycheck—your Even Average. From then on, anytime your pay is lower than your average, Even automatically deposits extra money into your account to make up the difference—a Paycheck Boost. There’s no deadline to pay back paycheck boosts; Even waits till your pay is higher than your average, then automatically deducts what you owe from your high check.

Save money by doing nothing

When you get a high check and don’t owe Even for boosts, Even intelligently calculates just the right amount to save from it so you make progress but don’t feel pinched. The money you save is kept in your Even Cushion—an FDIC-insured account you can access anytime you need it.

Just $3/week

Even is totally free for 30 days, then just $3/week, with no interest or hidden fees. Cancel anytime with no penalty.

Get financial stability instantly

To sign up, all you need is a job that pays you via direct deposit to a bank or credit union account. There’s no application and no credit check. Just download the app, set it up, and start enjoying the stability of a reliable paycheck.

Even in the news

“Want a steady income? There’s an app for that.” —The New York Times
“Makes sure you can pay your monthly bills.” —Newsweek
“Designed to keep people out of debt.” —FastCompany
“A startup’s mission: improve cash flow.” —Forbes

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