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Author's NotesOnline dating app with European for travel, chat and language learning.


What is EuroMate?:

Enjoy traveling Europe more! Let's chat, meet and dating with cute and hot private local guide.
And know more about cultures, foods, marriage and local people's life in European countries.
It will make better your life and grow your globalism.

The ways how to use:

1. To search local guide.
Before you trip other countries in the future, you can find and be intimate with local guide who know about the localities well in this app.
Conversely you can show for them about your country by uploading photos and videos.
Of course you can connect one-to-one video hangouts her, so you can show off each other's something private with safety.

2. To get to know about cities or landscapes by chat, photo and video call.
This app include convenience function such as private text chat, attaching photo and video, real-time video hangouts.
In addition, auto-translate system is running in text chat.
Which is very useful to make conversation well between different languages, so you can know more attractive parts of her easily.

3. To make friends with Asian beauties.
If you want to make new boyfriend or girlfriend, you may be able to find it.
Enjoy conversation and make fine relationship first, then you will get along with them.

4. To learn english or foreign languages.
Some European countries use English, but most people don't use English well.
They are using their language such as Russian, Romanian, German etc. So you can learn their local language with English.
This is the best way how to learn new languages.

5. To help poor pregnant girls and children.
A lot of poor young girls and children lives in European countries. They can't get enough education, house and foods reasons why poor.
But they are efforting as guide in this app, so when you love them, they can live. Which is making worth than some donations.


- It is not a service that guarantees to accompany the guide. It is a service for communication purpose only.
- It is not a service intended for marriage or meeting.
- If you do something that we deem inappropriate, we will prohibit the use.
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EuroMate - Making friends and Online dating APK - v1.0.3

Updated: 2021-01-26

What's new

This version added Thumbs-up list and fixed some bugs.
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1.0.3 (20210125)2021-01-26
1.0.2 (20210105)2021-01-08