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Author's NotesThanks to eRouška you keep yourself and others nearby safe


Protect yourself, protect others. eRouska remembers other eRouska apps you have met. When a user is infected, he/she can easily and anonymously notify others about the risk of infection.

eRouska is the official exposure notification app of Czech Republic, developed by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with NAKIT (National Agency for Information and Communication Technology). In the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, the app aims to notify users, who are at risk of carrying the virus. Based on the history of exposure to other potentially contagious users, the app gives instructions, how to proceed to minimize spread of the epidemic. However, the app is not a medical device and is certainly not a substitute for a doctor.

The app is based on Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which is designed to be especially energy-efficient, and it doesn’t collect any geolocation data, including GPS data. The app is developed and released in full compliance with Exposure Notification API Policy requirements, fully GDPR compliant and doesn't collect and directly process any personal data - any data that would identify the user or his mobile device, such as their name, address or telephone number. eRouska is able to determine that contact has taken place between two users without knowing who those users are and where the contact occurred.

The app is a part of Czech Smart Quarantine concept and a valuable tool in the fight against COVID-19 epidemic. Every single user increases its overall effectiveness. It is strongly recommended to install the app and encourage others to do likewise.
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eRouška - part of smart quarantine APK - v2.1.613

Updated: 2020-10-20

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2.1.613 (613)2020-10-20
2.1.604 (604)2020-10-17
2.1.601 (601)2020-10-15
2.1.588 (588)2020-10-03
2.1.543 (543)2020-09-18
1.0.440 (440)2020-07-29
1.0.437 (437)2020-05-23
1.0.432 (432)2020-05-15
1.0.381 (381)2020-04-11